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Best practice Guide for design and installation of partial fill cavity wall boardscover pic_Page_1

This is the second of a series of Best practice Guides produced by BRUFMA to provide guidance to designers, architects and builders to ensure that the PIR cavity boards are installed to ensure optimum performance.

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Best practice Guide for installation of External Wall Insulation

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This is one of a series of Best Practice Guides produced by BRUFMA for the benefit of designers and installers of ETICS and their customers.

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 REAP building insulation foam

REAP_Building_insulation_foamThis Action Plan is directed at all those whose activities produce, handle or influence building insulation foam waste from the construction sector. It’s main objective is to achieve higher levels of diversion of these wastes from landfill and greater efficiency in resource use across the construction supply chain
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Sustainability and polyurethane insulation

sustainability_brochureToday’s solution for tomorrows needs
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The benefits of polyurethane insulation

benefitsThis document looks at the benefits of polyurethane insulation in keep down energy consumption and costs and combating climate change.
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Applications for polyurethane insulation

applicationsThis document looks at the many uses of polyurethane insulation including insulation boards, cavity injection, composite panels, spray and pipe insulation.
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Sustainable Development – The case for PIR/PUR insulation in buildings

Sustainable Development40% of all the energy generated in Europe is consumed in buildings. Insulation is widely accepted as the most effective way of reducing CO2 emissions from buildings with polyurethane (PUR) and polyisocyanurate (PIR) providing exceptional performance. This paper makes a clear case for their sustainability.
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Insulation for Sustainability – A Guide

Insulation for SustainabilityThis guide shows in depth Why and How we should design well-insulated and energy-efficient buildings and it discusses the criteria for choosing Which insulation material and system design. The guide is extensively illustrated with diagrams and illustrative energy modeling.
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Insulation for Sustainability – A Guide – Summary

Insulation for Sustainability SummaryA summary of the full document featured above
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